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Customer Policies

Library Code of Conduct

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees on August 15, 1995

The library staff strives to make this facility a warm and inviting place for all people. It is the intent of the library that all library customers should be able to use its facilities to the maximum extent possible during its regularly scheduled hours.

This Code of Conduct has been developed to minimize situations in which any library customer interferes with the legitimate library business of other customers and staff, to protect the safety of all library customers and staff, and to protect library property. Library customers shall be engaged in activities associated with the use of a public library while in the building. Library customers shall respect the rights of other customers.

Unacceptable Library Customer Behavior

  • Obstructing the entrance area of the library, either inside or outside the building
  • Obstructing aisles and passageways
  • Leaving bicycles unattended at the library entrance rather than in the bike rack down the sidewalk
  • Wearing no footwear or shirt
  • Carrying a weapon, unless authorized by law
  • Carrying or using a water squirt gun
  • Bringing in an animal, unless it is required to assist a person with a disability
  • Using rollerblades, skateboards or the like
  • Eating foods other than packaged snack foods, having or drinking from beverage containers without lids, or smoking
  • Mutilating library materials
  • Engaging in vandalism
  • Engaging in noisy or disruptive behavior, including running, throwing, loud talking or crying, fighting, jumping, pushing, shoving, staring at another person with the intent to annoy that person, following another person about the building with the intent to annoy that person, stalking another person, or by behaving in a manner which reasonably can be expected to disturb other persons
  • Engaging in any activity not in compliance with the library's Internet Acceptable Use Policy
  • Engaging in any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile environment for library staff and customers
  • Maintaining bodily hygiene in such a way as to be offensive and to constitute a nuisance to other persons using the library
  • Soliciting
  • Conducting a survey without prior permission of Library Administration
  • Photographing or videotaping without prior permission of Library Administration and those photographed
  • Moving or abusing furniture or equipment, including standing or lying on tables or chairs or putting feet on tables
  • Attempting to hack into, damage, attack, or otherwise exploit library computer hardware and software
  • Striking matches or lighting lighters
  • Playing audio equipment so others can hear it
  • Verbally, physically or sexually harassing or assaulting library customers or staff
  • Engaging in sexual activity, contact or assault or any act of lewdness or exposure prohibited by New Jersey Statutes Annotated 2C:14-1 through 2C:14-8 and any other sexual activity which is inappropriate in a public place
  • Failing, as the guardian, to safeguard a youth: see "Guardians' Responsibilities for Youths"
  • Leaving a youth unattended: see "Guardians' Responsibilities for Youths"
  • Engaging in any illegal activity not otherwise listed

Library customers who fail to observe this Code of Conduct or other rules and regulations of the library may be asked to leave the building or be subject to arrest. Any library customer who violates the Library Code of Conduct, rules and regulations shall be denied the privilege of access to the library by the Library Board of Trustees, on recommendation of the Library Director. Any library customer whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed by the Board of Trustees.