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What Should I Read?

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Body-Pedia

This amazing inside-out tour of the human body is more than just a book -- it's a journey through the organs that work hard for you every day and a guidebook to understanding everything that makes you unique! Read more...

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The Search for Olinguito: Discovering a New Species

Scientist Kristofer Helgen had studied the olingo, a relative of the raccoon, for years. As he examined olingo pelts and skulls in museums, he made an amazing discovery: some of them weren't olingos at all! He had discovered a completely new species! Read more...

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Misty Copeland

When Misty was a young girl, she was told she had a gift for ballet. But when MIsty became a teenager, she was told she didn't have a dancer's body. Instead of giving up, she just worked harder, overcoming injuries and other obstacles to become the first African American principal dancer for the American Ballet Theater! Read more...

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5 Little Ducks

Each day, Papa Duck goes out with his ducklings but on Monday only four come back, on Tuesday only three, but on Saturday all return when he calls and on Sunday, they stay home and rest. Read more...

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Sea Otter Rescue

It takes a team of veterinarians, biologists, animal care specialists, and highly trained rescuers, working around the clock, to raise a single otter pup. Visit the Alaska SeaLife Center's Wildlife Rescue Team in this book and see how they do the amazing work of rescuing and raising these adorable, fluffy patients! Read more...

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