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Circulation Policies

Schedule II - Materials & Services Fees

Materials and Services


Blank CD-R discs $1.25 per disc
Flash drives $8 per drive
Earbuds (to listen to audio from the public computers) $1.50 per set
Computer Classes   
  • Residents and full-service cardholders
$5 per class
  • Non-residents without full-service Library card
$10 per class 
  • Non-cancellation fee
$5 per class
Computer Printing  10 cents black & white prints, 
40 cents color prints 
Debit Card  Minimum $1, maximum $20 for photocopies and computer printing

Non-Resident Library Cards

  • Business Resource Center (BRC) Membership card
$175 annual fee
  • Full-service card 
$125 annual fee
  • Print card 
$75 annual fee
  • Media card 
$50 annual fee 
  • Additional or lost cards 
$5 each card 

Missing and Damaged Parts 

  • Barcode 
$1 per barcode 
  • Video cases, DVD cases, and game cases 
Full price of item 
  • Audio book cases
Full price of item 
  • Compact disc manuals lost 
Full price of item
  • Manuals, tip sheets, or any part missing from sets 
Full price of item
  • Audiobook playaway cases or precut insert foam

Barnes and Noble Nook 3G/WiFI:

  • AC adapter (Nook ereader)
  • eReader neoprene case
  • Nook rechargable battery
  • Nook Matte Screen Film Kit
Notary $2.50 per signature
Paper 5 cents per sheet
Passport Execution fee $25, plus passport fees (varies)
Passport photographs $10
Public Fax  
$1 per page  ( Domestic)
$2 per page (International)
$1 per page  
Public Microfilm Readers/Printers  10 cents per page 

Public Photocopies (Black & White)
Black: 10 cents per page 
Color: 50 cents per page
Scanning $1 per page

7/8/02; rev. 10/23/03; rev. 1/1/05 (fax rates; color copies); rev. 2/1/08 (passport); rev 11/3/08; 4/16/10; rev 12/13/10; rev10/1/12