Job Openings





Varies as needed but no more than 8 hours/week; evenings and weekends required

Duties :

  1. Operate camera for East Brunswick High School sports events and Town Council meetings
  2. Assist in studio and on location productions as camera operator, audio technician or in other capacities
  3. Assist in pre-production and post-production of programs
  4. Handle inquiries made about EBTV in person and by telephone
  5. Other duties as assigned


This position requires an individual who has a valid NJ driver's license. Ability to focus, follow sports action and carry gear is required. Coursework in video production and hands-on experience in the field is helpful but not necessary. We will train. High School or College student familiar with the technology and use of video production equipment may also apply

Hourly Rate:

9.25 per hour

Start Date:



Dave Ambrosy, EBTV Supervisor


By 5pm Friday, June 10th, 2016. This position may be filled prior to the application deadline. Applications are available on the Library web site here. Submit application, resume and a sample video of your work to


Technology Training Coordinator

Information Technology & EBTV

Hourly Part-time (103)


18 hours per week, including weekday, evening and weekend hours

General Description:

The Technology Training Coordinator develops and coordinates training for the public and staff in the use of popular software and web based applications and other emerging technology; and does related work as required.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Ability:

The Technology Training Coordinator must have a thorough knowledge of:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Various web and app based tools and technologies

A working knowledge of:

  • Microsoft Office Suite including VBA
  • Various web and mobile based tools and technologies

The ability to:

  • train staff and customers to effectively utilize the Internet, and to use a variety of hardware, software and online technology tools;
  • learn new applications and programs, stay current on new releases and updates to popular software, applications and technologies;
  • establish and maintain effective working relationships with customers and staff members within the library and township;
  • communicate ideas effectively both orally and in writing;
  • exercise initiative and independent judgment; and
  • apply Internet search engine navigation skills effectively and efficiently.

Minimum Training & Experience:

The Technology Training Program Coordinator must hold a bachelor’s degree in education, computer science or related field and have 2 years of experience teaching IT based classes


$22.15 and up depending on experience

Start date:



Chris Hyde, Manager of Information Technology & EBTV


By 5:00PM Friday April 29, 2016. The position may be filled prior to the application deadline. Application are available on The Library website above right.
Send resume, cover letter, and the application to Christopher Hyde, IT Director,

Circulation Adult Page

Circulation Department

Hourly Part Time (102)


24 hours per week: Monday 5pm-9pm, Tuesday 5pm-9pm, Wednesday 1pm-5pm, Friday 10pm-5pm; Saturday 10pm-5pm

Essential Functions:

A Circulation Adult Page discharges and processes returned library materials; provides customer service at the Circulation Desk, including processing fines and fees through the cash registers , shelves materials and handles telephone inquiries.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Ability:

This position requires an individual who is able to remain pleasant in the face of constant demand. The ability to work closely with and be responsive to the public and staff, including clear language skills, is required. The ability to organize smooth and efficient work procedures and carry them out according to priority is also required.

Minimum Training and Experience:

This position requires an individual who is a high school graduate. Retail sales or library public service experience and familiarity with computers and automated systems are preferred.


$11.00 per hour

Start Date:



Katherine Bowden, Circulation Services Manager


By Tuesday, May 31, 2016. The position may be filled prior to the application deadline. Application are available on The Library website above right. Send applications to Human Resources at the East Brunswick Library,