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Meet the Playwright

Meet the Playwright

Belles of the Mill
2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the historic and occasionally violent "Bread & Roses" strike by textile workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Date & Time: 12/03/2012 | 07:00PM

Award-winning NJ playwright Rachel Rubin Ladutke will give a historical overview of the strike, including its surprising resolution, and how it inspired her to write a play, and subsequent musical, Belles of the Mill. Her multimedia presentation will be accompanied by period photos and songs from the musical.

Rachel is an award-winning, published playwright and the editor of Insight for Playwrights. Among her awards: finalist in the stageplay category of the Moondance Film Festival (play version, The Belles of the Mill) and "Best of the Fest" selection at the off-off-Broadway Midtown International Theatre Festival (musical version, Belles of the Mill).

Location: Meeting Room 2

Sponsored by The Friends of The Library and the Arts Commission

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