International Film Festival

International Film Festival

07/17/2018 through 08/15/2018 | 01:30PM - 03:30PM

Location: 120 chairs facing screen. Table in center aisle with DVD cart

Meeting Room 2 , Meeting Room 3

Adults, Teen (Grades 8 - 12)

Film Festivals and Movies

Sponsored by the Friends of the Library

Other occurences of this event
Date Start End Description
Tuesday December 05,2017 01:30PM 03:30PM Mia Madre
Italy-2015-106 minutes-Rated R
Tuesday December 05,2017 07:30PM 09:30PM Mia Madre-Italy-2016-106 minutes-Rated R
Tuesday March 13,2018 01:30PM 03:30PM
Tuesday March 13,2018 07:30PM 09:30PM
Tuesday April 10,2018 01:30PM 03:30PM
Tuesday April 10,2018 07:30PM 09:30PM
Tuesday May 08,2018 01:30PM 03:30PM
Tuesday May 08,2018 07:30PM 09:30PM
Tuesday July 10,2018 01:30PM 03:30PM International Film Festival
Tuesday July 10,2018 07:30PM 09:30PM International Film Festival