Ancestry Library Edition

Introduction to Ancestry Library Edition Computer Training Class at the library.

03/30/2010 | 07:00PM - 09:00PM

Computer Training Center

Adults only

Technology Training

Introduction to Ancestry Library Edition
This course will teach participants how to use Ancestry Library Edition, available at all of The Library's public computers, to research their family's history.

Prerequisites: Internet I and II. Some genealogy experience helpful. By signing up you are certifying that you have the basic skills required to complete this class.

Computer training courses are offered free of charge to Library cardholders. Non-cardholders may sign up for a class for a $10 fee, due at the time of registration.
Call the Information Desk at 732-390-6767 for more information.

Cancellation Policy
Please take your commitment seriously. Remember, your registration locks out someone else. Absentees waste everyone's time. If you cannot attend, you MUST call 732-390-6767 at least 24 hours before class time. If you do not attend and fail to cancel, $5 will be charged to your library account. Customers with fines exceeding $5 will have a blocked library card until the fine is paid. Don't chance a suspension in borrowing privileges!

Please be fair and give everyone a chance to attend a class.  If a class is offered more than once during a month, you may only sign up take it one timeDuplicate registrations will be cancelled!  If you would like to take a class a second time you must wait until the next month to sign up again

Ancestry Library Edition