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Best of the Web

ESL or English as a Second Language Resources


A site for K-12 students and teachers. Also useful for ESL students. Many free printable pages and worksheets.

American English Pronunciation Videos

Teacher Melanie concentrates on American pronunciation and the differences in sound with other languages, in her lively, entertaining videos.

Breaking News English

These lesson plans teach ESL by focusing on recent news and global affairs. Plenty of information about word usage, grammar, and more.

Business English - Audio Lessons

Learn key phrases for workplace situations, and English-language business customs.

Dave's ESL Cafe

Billed as "The Internet's Meeting Place for ESL/EFL Students and Teachers from Around the World!" Includes games, a job center, Chat Central, a Discussion Forum, quizzes, quotes, and listing of Web links.

ESL Lab - 20 minute ESL lessons

These quick, comprehensive quizzes are offered on a number of subjects and topics. A great way to build vocabulary and put learning into context.

ESL Partyland

A site for both students and teachers. Very good. Contains quizzes, discussion forums, interactive lessons, and a chat room and more.

Free ESL Games and Quiz Corner

For both students and teachers. Improve your English the fun way by playing interactive games or by trying the general knowledge quizzes.

Grammar ESL videos

These videos go in-depth for those who need more guidance. Her videos are organized into playlists by vocabulary, verb tenses, pronunciation, and more.

Interesting Things for ESL Students

Billed as a fun study site for ESL students, including games, puzzles, quizzes, slang, proverbs and more.

OMG! Meiyu's YouTube page

This YouTube channel is aimed at Chinese speakers who want to learn English in a fun, relateable way.

Purdue Owl: ESL

The OWL is a great collection of practice sheets and primers for learners at all levels.


Use puzzles to increase your English vocabulary. Create your own at this site from Discovery School.

U.S. Department of State

The Department of State offers resources for learning English that often work in lessons on American culture.

U.S.A. Learns

A free web site for helping adults to learn, read and write English.
It features simple directions;  free instructional materials developed to teach basic English skills and help adults improve their English proficiency; and learning modules that feature audio and video aids to make it easy to learn outside of the classroom format.  Students should register to monitor their progress through the learning modules and save their work.