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Suggestions for Videogame Purchases
Suggestions for Videogame Purchases

This service is limited to EB Library card holders only. The fields in italics are required for a successful submission.

The Library is no longer accepting requests for software packages or pc games due to vendor licensing restrictions. We will no longer be purchasing XBOX, PS2, Gameboy Advance, or Gamecube games.

We will try to honor as many video game requests as possible, but not all games will necessarily be purchased.  If a game you requested is purchased, you will be notified when the game is available at the library for you to check out. Only one request per person per day will be honored.


Zip Code:



Library Card Number:


Format:(choose one)

The Library makes every attempt to purchase requested materials. If the Library cannot purchase a requested item due to budget constraints, unavailability through library vendors or collection development policy guidelines the Library will attempt to fill the request through the ILL service.


1. Effective March 1st, The Library will charge a $1.00 fee for all completed interlibrary loan transactions, even if the item is cancelled or not picked up.  The fee will be collected as your item is picked up at the Circulation Desk.  The Library Board approved this small charge for a valuable, but labor intensive service due to the recent loss of revenue from our municipal appropriations. 

If I select "I do not agree " I understand that the Library may not be able to fill my request and that I will be notified only if the Library is able to fill my request.
2. image Effective July 1st, The Library will charge a 50¢ fine for all requested materials that are not picked up before their expired hold date. A fine will not be charged if the customer picks up the hold or cancels the hold before the expired hold date using The Library’s online library catalog, in-person when you visit The Library or by calling the Circulation Department at 732-390-6950.