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LibraryThing for Libraries

Try the latest ‘Thing’! LibraryThing for Libraries makes finding the books you want easier!

imageHave you read all the books by your favorite author? Would you like to find books that are similar by other authors?

Did you like the book that you just finished reading? Do you want to read something similar? Would you like to share what you thought about it with others?

Finding books similar to those you have read is now much easier using the new LibraryThing for Libraries service in the library catalog. See the instructions below to see how easy this is to use.

Similar Books

  • When you view the search results information for most books in the library catalog, you can see a list of similar books in the left column under Related Items.
  • Click on any title for more details.
  • image

Tags image

  • A list of tags that categorize the book will appear below the list of related items in the left column. Click on a tag to find books on the same topic or that have similar themes.
  • Clicking on a tag launches a tag browser that lists other books that have tag. Once the tag browser opens, you can scroll through the list and click on any title for more information. You can also search the tag browser for other tags.

The Tag Browser

More About Tags

Tags can help you find books on some subjects that don’t have a subject heading for that subject. For example, if you are looking for fiction books on adoption, you will find more titles by using the tag browser than by searching the library catalog for the subject adoption-- fiction. If you search the tag browser for the tag ecology, you will get a different list of books than if you search for ecology as a subject or keyword in the library catalog. Tags can also be used to identify books in certain genres such as cyberpunk that are not categorized that way by libraries.


You can now see and add reviews of books, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs that appear in the Koha library catalog.  

Each title will have a link to add a review.  If a review for that title already exists, there will also be a link to see reviews.  (See illustration above).  Existing reviews can come from 3 sources:  East Brunswick Public Library staff and customers, customers at other libraries that have LibraryThing for Libraries subscriptions, or LibraryThing.com.

Read Reviews


To see or add reviews, click on the reviews link.  A reviews window like the one at the right will open.   Scroll down to read the reviews.

Review Your Favorite Books

To add a review, you must first create a reviews account.   This account has no connection with your library card account.


It is simply a way for you to keep track of the reviews you have submitted and to go back and edit a review they submitted.   No personal information is required to create a reviews account, but if you provide an e-mail address, you can have your password e-mailed to you if you forget it.  Library staff do not have access to any reviewer’s user name and password and cannot retrieve them for anyone who signs up and then forgets. If a you forget your user name or did not provide an e-mail address for a forgotten password, you should just create a new reviews account.

After you create an account, you can rate a book by clicking on the star rating you want to give the title and write a review.  The review can be as long or a short as you want it to be.

All reviews are checked and must be approved by library staff before they appear in the library catalog.  It may take a few days for reviews to appear if they are submitted between 5 PM on Friday and 9 AM on Monday.   Reviews with inappropriate content will not be approved.    The approval process is described in the Terms of Use section.    The Terms of Use link can be found at the bottom of the reviews window and is shown below.   

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Reviews are moderated by library staff before they appear in the library catalog. Reviews with any of the following content will not be approved and will not appear in the library catalog.

• Obscene or racist content
• Copyrighted or plagiarized materials
• Personal attacks or threatening language
• Hate speech
• Commercial ads or spam
• Private or personal information published without consent.

"At my Library" is a joint service of LibraryThing.com, LLC, your library and other libraries around the world.
By posting your review to this service, you grant both your library and LibraryThing a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free right to display, use, aggregate, modify, adapt, publish, transform, create derivative works from and perform your review in any venue or media, online or offline.
This grant is restricted as follows:

  1. Reviews can only be used on your library, at other libraries designated by LibraryThing.com, on other sites designed for libraries and their patrons, and on LibraryThing.com. Your reviews will not appear on any site devoted to bookselling.
  2. Your review will always be accompanied by some indication of your library.
  3. No party to these terms will sell any personally-identifiable information to anyone else.

Please note that, by submitting a review, you do NOT lose copyright to it, nor are you restricted where else you may submit or publish it. You may publish your review anywhere you like, and even sell it. The Library reserves the right to edit or remove reviews that do not follow these guidelines.

imageMore About LibraryThing

The list of similar books and the tags are the result of the collective efforts of the 280,000+ members of LibraryThing, a social networking website for people who love books. It is used to catalog members' book collections, swap reading suggestion, and more.


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