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eBooks on EBSCOhost

About eBooks on EBSCOhost

eBooks on EBSCOhost is a service that offers libraries an extensive collection of eBooks for reference, research, as well as reading for pleasure. The Library has over 7000 titles available through this collection. A large percentage of these can be downloaded to a portable device.


  • You can read ebooks on a computer by logging in with your library barcode number.
  • In order to download ebooks and transfer them to a portable device, you must create an account.
  • To download the NetLibrary EBSCOhost titles in PDF format users will have to download the Adobe Digital Editions software. [Download]
  • EBSCO User Guide.

Getting Started

This will allow you to search for and read content on your computer screen. If you want to download ebooks to a portable device you will also need to create a username and password.

Creating an eBook Account

  • Click the Sign In link in the top toolbar of EBSCOhost.
  • Click the Create a new account link.
  • Fill in the fields on the Create a New Account Screen. Click Continue.
  • If all the information was accepted, a message appears that provides your user name and password.
  • Click OK. You will be automatically logged in as a personal user. You should note the user name and password you created so you can log in at a future session.


  • When you set up a personal account, you are asked for your name, e-mail address, a unique login name, password, and password validation. This information is only used to identify you at log in so your searches are not viewed or used by anyone else. The Library does not share this information.
  • Passwords should be five or more characters, with a mixture of upper and lower case letters and numbers, for example: PeterP301.
  • Due to EBSCO Publishing's privacy policy, the Library is unable to obtain and give out user ID and password information. You should record your user name and password immediately after you create it.