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Technology Training at EBPL

East Brunswick Public Library offers basic two-hour technology training classes on a regular monthly schedule. Classes are held in the Training Lab (across from the EBCreate Makerspace). Introductory and Level I classes are FREE for LMxAC cardholders and non-LMxAC cardholders (excluding some specialized classes). All other classes are $10 for LMxAC cardholders and $15 for non-LMxAC cardholders.

For information about course offerings, registration procedures and policies, recommended training paths, and more please click here.

Read more about some of our most popular business-related course offerings:

Microsoft Office Classes

There are several Microsoft Office courses offered at EBPL which cover productivity tools for a variety of needs and experience levels. Classes include:

  • Switching to Office 2016
  • Word (I, II, III, IV)
  • Excel (I, II, III, IV)
  • PowerPoint (I, II, III, IV)
  • Publisher (I, II, III, IV)

QuickBooks Classes...NEW!

A QuickBooks Online series of five courses will now be offered at EBPL through Labyrinth Learning's Business and Accounting series. The fee for the course is $40 and includes registration for the entire series as well as a license from Labyrinth Learning which gives you access to an eBook and a trial subscription to QuickBooks Online. Due to licensing restrictions, the registration, payment, and attendance procedures differ from those of the regular technology training courses offered at EBPL. Please click here for guidelines.

Introductory Computer Classes

EBPL offers free introductory computer classes including:

  • PC Literacy (I and II)

  • Email Basics (I and II)

  • Keyboarding & Word Processing Basics (I and II)

  • Internet Basics (I and II)

  • Windows Tips & Shortcuts

Google Classes

EBPL offers a series on the cloud-based office suite Google Apps. The courses in this series include:

  • Google Apps I: Cloud Computing (Chrome, Drive, Docs)
  • Google Apps II: Online Visuals (Slides, Drawings, Images, Photos)
  • Google Apps III: Online Surveys (Sheets, Forms)
  • Google Apps IV: Online Communication (Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar)

We're always adding exciting new trainings to our calendar, be sure to check back often!