EBTV Sponsorship of Programming Policy


The Library offers sponsorships to individuals, businesses, or community groups interested in supporting EBTV and the mission of library services. A sponsor may be any individual, community groups, or business. Library employees may actively solicit sponsors for EBTV. The Library can refuse a request for sponsorship without appeal. All non-governmental programs produced by EBTV are eligible for sponsorship.

Acceptance of a sponsor does not imply library endorsement of the sponsor, its products or business. Sponsorship is not considered paid commercial advertising. The content of EBTV programming and Library websites are non-commercial and non-political in nature. Sponsorship does not imply the ability of the sponsor to censor or influence program content.

EBTV or The Library may accept sponsorship for a particular show, the Community Bulletin Board (CBB), Library Website, EBTV Website Home Page, Video on Demand (VOD) page, meeting room displays, from more than one sponsor. It is possible that a business or products featured in the content of a program may be competitive with the goods or services of the sponsor.

Fair and accurate reporting of news events is a priority at EBTV. If a sponsor is in any way associated with a news event or story, it is EBTV's obligation to the public to report the story equitably and objectively.

A sponsor may contribute by:

  • Donating money, goods or services as a general contribution;
  • Donating money toward a specific EBTV show; or
  • Sponsoring the Community Bulletin Board (CBB), the Library wireless network logon page, and The Library website home page.

Any goods donated to EBTV are the sole property of the Library. EBTV/Library Staff may not accept gifts, goods, or services from a sponsor in exchange for credit unless an agreement has been signed between and approved by the Library and the sponsor.

Contributions of equipment will be recognized based on the dollar value of the donation and the current sponsorship rate schedule. All sponsorship rates for shows, the CBB, Library website, EBTV Website, EBTV VOD page, meeting room displays, are fixed by the Library Board of Trustees. Sponsorship rates are subject to change without notice except where obligated in an agreement.

Promotional discounts are approved by the Library Board of Trustees and reflected in the Sponsorship Agreement.

Types of Sponsorship

Sponsorships of Specific Shows with General Support Announcements

EBTV recognizes sponsors' general contributions or a sponsorship of specific shows with general support announcements (GSAs). For the purposes of this policy, a "show" is a single production that is aired in one continuous showing; a "program" is an ongoing series or production.

A general support announcement [GSA] is a video/audio mention of the sponsor: an EBTV spokesperson identifies and credits the sponsor on camera during a show. In exchange for sponsorship, EBTV will produce and run a GSA for each sponsor. GSAs remind the viewers that the sponsor is supporting quality programming on EBTV.

If an EBTV sponsor does not designate a contribution to a specific show, EBTV will assign the GSA to a show with the sponsor's approval.

GSA Content and Length:

  • GSAs will identify the sponsor by name, highlight general services or products, or focus on institutional image enhancement. GSAs are not commercials and cannot be used to persuade or influence viewers, advocate for public issues or candidates, or call to action.
  • The script for the GSA may be written either by the sponsor or EBTV staff. EBTV retains final control over the content of GSAs. Depiction of tobacco or tobacco products, alcohol or alcohol products, and firearms is prohibited in GSAs.
  • The show on which the GSA appears, the number of times the GSA will appear, and the date and approximate time of each GSA will be specified in an EBTV show sponsorship agreement. In the event of litigation arising from the use of a GSA, the agreement shall provide that The Library shall have the right to terminate the agreement.
  • If for reasons beyond The Library's control the program or GSA is not shown, EBTV will notify the sponsor of a new date when the GSA will appear.

Sponsorship of any single show, regardless of length is $150.

Sponsorship of the EBTV Community Bulletin Board, EBTV Website Home Page, the EBTV VOD Page, the Library Website Home Page, and the Library Meeting Room Displays

EBTV and the Library will accept sponsors in any four week period. All sponsors reserve their place with payment, and may reserve up to 12 months of sponsorship, with payment.

Each sponsor receives a full page Community Bulletin Board (CBB) slide per cycle; and a CBB banner per cycle. In addition, the CBB slide and banner will be shown on the EBTV website and on the online version of the CBB. A small banner will also be shown on the Library and EBTV websites, EBTV VOD page and meeting room displays.

Payment must be received by the Library before the sponsor slide and banner are created, and a minimum of two weeks in advance of the first Wednesday of the month during which sponsorship will commence. Each sponsor must provide content for the banner and slide at least two weeks prior to the start date of the sponsorship and then provide approval of the slide and banner prior to their use. Sponsors will sign a Sponsorship Agreement, detailing the terms of their sponsorship. Payment plan is only available for 12 month sponsors.

Sponsors sharing the same time period of sponsorship may be competitors.

Sponsors may purchase monthly or yearly CBB sponsorships.

The rates for each sponsorship level are:

  • One month sponsorship: $250.00
  • Twelve month sponsorship: $3000.00

Adopted 11/7/95
Revised 4/21/98: 1st &, CBB section
Revised 2/23/99: rates increased
Revised 1/26/00; rates decreased, year-long sponsorship requirement eliminated
Revised 6/26/01; sponsorship rates: 2nd paragraph: change "will" to "may"
Revised 9/10/01; CBB sponsorship rates lowered
Revised 7/29/03
Revised 4/13/04; Show sponsorship rate lowered; CBB sponsorship rates changed
Revised 8/17/04; CBB sponsorship rates lowered
Revised 7/26/05; 3 sponsors per 4 week period
Revised 10/10/06; one sixth of the BB pages, six sponsors per 4 week period, up to 52 weeks at a time
Revised 9/18/07; one sixth of the BB pages for four weeks, $250
Revised 10/09; CBB sponsorship rates specified.
Revised 1/11; Include Library Website, Wifi Logon page, EBTV Streaming Website, change to sponsorship lengths(2,4,6,12 months)
Revised 9/2013
Revised 1/2015
Revised 6/2018

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