Video Production Services

EBTV offers video production services including pre-production planning, production, and post production of specified length and description to Township departments, agencies and boards, and to government and non-profit organizations. Production of EBTV programs will take priority over production for other groups.

As the municipal video production facilities, EBTV provides production services for Township Departments, agencies and boards, and the East Brunswick Board of Education at no charge. Tax exempt non-profit organizations and other government departments, agencies and boards will be charged the government/non-profit rate.

When a business requires video production as part of a specific project being done in conjunction with an East Brunswick municipal department, EBTV may provide production services at the full rate.

Programs produced for a fee by EBTV are not automatically eligible for cablecast on EBTV. All productions must be accepted for cablecast by EBTV and must comply with existing policy.


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