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EBTV Now Streaming on the Web!

EBTV Now Streaming on the Web!
Now you can watch EBTV on your computer - streaming live, and as VOD (Video on Demand). See whatever EBTV is televising in the “streaming video” option on the home page. Or, you can call up a show that you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it, through the “Video on Demand,” or “VOD” option, also available from the home page. Let us know what you think!

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I think that it's great you now can view EBTV online, it's especially good to the people who don't have EBTV (like me). The On Demand part makes it even better because if there's something you' like to see, but you have to wait awhile until EBTV airs it, you can view the thing you'd like to see anytime. I'd like it if you'd add some Encore E.B. shows to your On Demand library because I do like seeing how East Brunswick was back in the day.

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