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There is no advertisement on EBTV. There are sponsorship opportunities. EBTV offers many opportunities for sponsorship of programming and the Community Bulletin Board. Please call EBTV at 732-390-6780 for more information on any of the services noted below.

EBTV Community Bulletin Board Sponsorship Agreement

Downloadable copy of our CBB Sponsorship Agreement (Adobe Reader required).

EBTV Sponsorship of Programming Policy

Community Bulletin Board

EBTV Community Bulletin Board Facts

A survey completed in 2001 by Bruskin Research reported that:

  • 78% of residents surveyed reported watching EBTV in the past 6 months; nearly half watched in the past week.
  • About 3 out of 4 adults visited the EBTV Community Bulletin Board in the past year. The proportion was 74% among people under 45 years of age, 77% among people 45-59 years of age, and 61% of those 60 years and older.
  • 81% of respondents reported that someone in their household watched the EBTV Community Bulletin Board.
  • People spend an average of 16.2 minutes watching the Community Bulletin Board (an average of 12.2 minutes for men and 20.5 minutes for women).
  • Two out of three people (66%) typically spend 1 to 10 minutes watching the EBTV Community Bulletin Board.
  • Nearly one in three respondents (29%) look at the Community Bulletin Board daily, including 27% for men and 30% for women. 34% reported watching it frequently.
  • 52% of respondents reported watching School Closings and Delays, and 47% reported watching Election Results on the EBTV Community Bulletin Board.

There are 16,400 homes in East Brunswick, and about 48,400 residents. About 13,630 households subscribe to cable and receive EBTV (about 40,225 residents have EBTV in their homes).

Our Thanks

The EBTV Community Bulletin Board serves hunderds of nonprofit community organizations every year. Your support is a significant contribution to the community in which we live. Thank you for your sponsorship!


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