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Friends of the Library

image How to Donate Books for the Book Sale

Thanks to everyone who donates books to the Friends of The Library's annual Bargain Book and Media Sale! Here's a guideline to help with the what, where, and when of donating.

Kind and Age

The Friends has no use for the following:

Computer books
Romance series (ie. Harlequin)
Business books
Textbooks (any subject) pre-2012
Health books pre-2012
Hardcover novels without dust jackets
Magazines from any year
Reader's Digest condensed books
Vinyl record albums
Encyclopedias, Audiocassettes
National Geographic Books and Maps
Computer Games,PS3 & 4, Xbox, Wii, etc.


Rule of thumb: Is the intended donation presentable enough to be on the shelves of a good used bookstore? Donations should have intact binding and be free of...

Stains, Water Damage, Missing Front Covers, Mold, Yellowing, Ripped Pages, Missing Pages, Mildew, Pages Falling out, Taped Pages, Musty Smell, Written and Highlighted Pages, Dust, Books held together with Rubber bands.

Where, When to Drop Off

One through four books: Leave at the Circulation desk at any time.

Five or more: Bring to the rear library entrance on Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and ring the bell.

Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated!

Thanks again from the Friends of the Library.



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