Author Alerts

The East Brunswick Public Library has recently partnered with EngagedPatrons to provide you with a new service, Author Alerts. This service will allow you to be notified via email or text message as soon as new titles or offerings from your favorite authors are added to the library catalog! Please note that as a result, you will also be notified when any titles have been added to the library catalog, but are not yet available (pre-release notification).


To start, click on the Author Alerts link!

Returning users login onthe right and new users need to Sign up for the service. Click on the “Start Here” button.

Sign Up Instructions

Create Your Profile:

  • A screen name is not required, but will allow you to be identified should you review any books you have read.
  • Choose Email, or text message, depending on your preference. Email will be slightly more fully featured, providing a link directly to our catalog for you to place a request on the item. You can also allow others to view your alerts, should you so choose.


Choose your preferred consumption method(s) and then click continue. KEEP IN MIND YOU CAN CHANGE THESE SETTINGS AT A LATER POINT IN TIME IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND.

Now you can add your first author! Simply type in the author’s first name and last name and click continue.

You will automatically be given a list of choices of authors in the libraries catalog. Note that I had purposely misspelled James Pattersons name. The results do not list James Patterson, so I would have to click the back button to correct the spelling of his name, or could take a look at a few of the items that other authors with a similar name have written. Click on the blue text to the right of the authors name to see items by that author. For example, we will click on the (1 title) button to the right of Paterson, David, 1966-.

Which will bring us to the library catalog to view items by that author. Click your web browser back button to go back and be able to “add” the author.

Note that clicking on the “Click here to return to alerts” button will bring you back to the main AuthorAlerts page, and you will have to start all over searching for the author.

After clicking on the Add this Author/Performer link, you will be taken here.

You will be allowed to comment on why this author might be your favorite author and share that with others. If you had a comment, click on the “Add description” button to continue. Otherwise, click “Skip this step”. If you don’t want to see this message again, click on “Don’t Ask Again” and choose “Skip this step”.

You have successfully added an author! You will be able to see other popular authors and recent alerts that other readers have on their lists. If you click on the Authors name, you will be able to see a list of titles written by that author in our catalog. Or you can just click “add” to immediately add the author to your list.

If you want to go back and add a description for why you like the author and forgot to do so when you added them to your list, you can do so by clicking on the little green pencil icon by their name, type in the text field, and click submit. If you click the red X, it will allow you to remove the author from your list.

After you click on the red X, you will be prompted to confirm that you really want to remove the author from your list. Clicking OK will confirm removal from your list.

If you want to change your notification settings, you can do so easily. Simply Login at the main AuthorAlerts page by typing in your current notification address (phone number or email address). Once logged in, click on “edit settings” next to the blue logout text.