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Catalog Help
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Searching Basics

How to Find books, movies, music and more...

There are three general searches to choose from: Begins with..., Contains..., and Advanced. The Library recommends that you start with the Begins with... search. This is the first page you see when you enter the library catalog.

Begins with... Use for alphabetic searches.

Basic Search tabs


Hint - For author/performer searches type in last name, first name.
Hint - For tile or series searches, omit any beginning articles (the, an, a...).
Hint - Fill in only one search box on this screen.

  • Click with your mouse on the down arrow in the first box to select the way you want to search - by author, title, subject...
  • Type in your search term in the right box.


  • Hit <Enter> or click with your mouse on the Go button to see a list of all the items that contain the words you entered.
  • Click on the term in the left column that most closely matches your searching request in order to get further information. (Depending upon how you searched, you may need to narrow your search first by clicking on another selection in a list).

You will then see detailed information about your book, movie, music title...


Information screen for each book, movie, music title, more...


  • Contains the author, title, subjects, publisher and edition information, links to Web sites if available and more...
  • Also contains the call number, whether the items are checked in or out, and allows you to request that an item be held for you (Request Item) in the Copy/Holding Information section.

Hint - Click on a subject to browse a list of similar subjects. Click on one of those subjects to see a list of titles The Library owns. Or click on the author's name to see additional titles by that author and click on each for more information.

Book covers will display on this screen if available, as well as book reviews, a summary, or the table of contents for the book. Click on each option in the colored navigation bar on the left side of the screen to access.

Find out where to locate books, movies, music... in The Library and whether they are checked in

Copy Holdings tabLook at the Copy/Holding Information bar to see whether it is checked in or out.

Collection tells you which area of The Library the item is in.

Call No. is the information on the spine of the book.

  • Non-fiction items will be shelved in numerical order by the subject number. e.g. 635 ROT
  • Fiction items will contain the collection abbreviation and the author's last name
    • MYS Peters is in the Mystery section under the author's last name of Peters,
    • JF Rowling is the Juvenile Fiction section under the author's last name
    • F Steel is in the (Adult) Fiction section under the author's last name
  • Biographies are shelved by the last name of the subject
    • E.g. B Lincoln is in the biography section under Lincoln

Please be certain to ask at the Information Services or Youth Services desks if you need help in locating an item.

  • To clear a search that you have completed and begin another one, click on a search type on the bar at the top of the screen.image
  • To modify the search that you have just completed, click on Refine and change or add search terms as needed.

Place a request on a book, movie, music, more... that is checked out.

To place a request you will need your library card numbers and PIN.

Complete your search as shown above.

If the information listed in the Copy/Holding Information area shows that the item is checked out:

Click on the Request Item button on the right side of the screen above the Copy/Holding Information bar.

Important! - Use the Request copy next to each item in the list ONLY when you want a specific copy e.g. Fodors 2005 or a specific magazine issue.


  • Enter your library card number and PIN and hit <Enter> or click on the Login button.
  • Click on Request to confirm.
  • A box appears "Your request has been successfully placed"
  • Click on Return to Searching or Logout and Return.
  • Use Return to Searching when you want to place additional requests or need to check your account information.
  • Use Logout and Return when you have completed your search session.

imageProtect Your Privacy - Logout!

Protect your privacy when you are searching at a public computer. Don't forget to click on Logout and Return to end the searching session that contains your account information!*

  • Hint - If your name is showing in the top right corner of the screen you are still logged in.)


My Account/Renewimage

My Account/Renew allows you to check your library record and renew items that you have checked out. Click on the My Account/Renew tab and type in your library card number and PIN. Your library card number is the 14 digit number on the back of your library card that begins with 293... Your default PIN number is the last four digits of your home telephone number.

When you click on My Account/Renew you can :

  • See which books, movies, music,... are checked out to you.
  • Renew items that are checked out to you.
  • Delete a request for a book, movie, or music...
  • Going on vacation? Temporarily suspend a request.
  • View a list of fines or blocks listed to your account.

See which books, movies, music,... are checked out to you.

  • Click on the My Account/Renew tab.
  • Type your library card and PIN numbers in each box.
  • Hit <Enter> or click on Login.
  • Click on View/Renew Items Checked Out.

A list of all items out will display along with their Due Dates.

Renew books, movies, music...

  • Follow the steps listed just above.
  • To Renew, put check mark(s) in the box(es) next to the title(s) to be renewed.
  • Click on Renew button. Renew button

The new Due Date will be displayed next to each title.

Changed your mind? Delete a Request for a book, movie, or music...

  • Follow the steps listed just above to access your account.
  • Click on Holds to see a list of your Hold/Requests.
  • Put a checkmark in the box next to each title for which you wish to cancel your Request.
  • Click on the Cancel Request button. Cancel Request button

imageGoing on vacation? Suspend a Request

  • Follow the steps listed just above to access your account.
  • Click on Hold Requests.
  • Click in the box next to the item you want to change to place a checkmark in it.
  • Change the date that you want to suspend until by using the drop down boxes on the upper right.
  • Click on Change Status once you have selected the new date.

Hint - Once you suspend an item, the suspend date will NOT appear; only the expiration date of your request. Jot down your suspend date or make the request active again by clicking on Change Status and then suspend again to a date of your choosing.

View a list of fines or blocks listed to your account

  • Follow the steps listed just above to access your account.
  • Click on the Fines/Blocks button on the blue bar.
  • A list of fines or blocks will display with a title or message as well as the reason for the fine or block.

imageChange the e-mail address for your notices

You can also change the e-mail address in which you receive your library Notices when you are logged into My Account by clicking on Profile.


On the Profile screen, scroll down to the Email information box.image

Delete your old e-mail address.

Type in your new e-mail address.

Be sure to click on the Update button.


You can also call the Circulation department at 732-390-6950 to notify the library about your new e-mail address.

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