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The Community of East Brunswick

One of the fastest growing suburban areas in Central New Jersey, East Brunswick Township is situated midway between the cultural beacons of New York City and Philadelphia. Its location makes for an ideal metropolitan area living and commuting experience for its 46,756 residents, as of the 2000 census.

East Brunswick’s public schools are annually touted among the best of the nation, with several schools winning the coveted Blue Ribbon for excellence. Easily accessible by the New Jersey Turnpike, the township also boasts an award-winning public library that is consistently the single busiest municipal library in the state, well-kept homes with ever-rising property values, and amenities galore including numerous quality shopping plazas along its main commercial thoroughfare, Route 18.

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EB International Community
Quick Facts: 
--Geography Facts:
--Climate Facts
Government Structure
Historical Facts:
--Former Mayors/Chairmen
--Population Figures
--East Brunswick Soldiers KIA
--East Brunswick Resident Killed on September 11, 2001

Links to Local Information

East Brunswick

East Brunswick Township The township's home page.
East Brunswick School District.
East Brunswick Public Schools - Adult and Community Education Programs. The Adult School Spring 2013 Course Catalog.
East Brunswick Police Department
East Brunswick Recreation Department Summer Day Camp brochures arrive in The Library every spring. Check at the Information Desk for further information! OR download the registration form and the brochure here (Adobe Reader required) when it becomes available. Registration forms may also be mailed in or dropped off at the Recreation office at 350 Dunhams Corner Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816   Phone: (732) 390-6797 Fax: (732) 390-6818. For more information also check the new East Brunswick Summer Day Camps Website:
East Brunswick Recreation Department: Recreation, Parks, & Community Services Magazine
Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission -This website contains information on everything “green” in EB -  guides to town parks, information on Option Green lecture series, salamander migrations and protection, moth nights, and other Friends events and projects.  They encourage residents to join the website email list which sends occasional short emails with information and updates on events.
History of East Brunswick Published by the East Brunswick Historical Society on the Township's Web site.
Our Community is Fair -- A cultural festival celebrating the diversity of East Brunswick held every September at the Municipal complex.
Central Jersey Business AllianceThe Central Jersey Business Alliance (CJBA) is an alliance of East Brunswick businesses whose sole purpose is for the betterment of the retailers, service providers and health professionals who reside in East Brunswick.
Recreation, Parks, & Community Services Magazine

Middlesex County

Middlesex County Middlesex County home page.
Info Line of Central Jersey Information and referrals to social service agencies.
Middlesex County Fair Runs one week every August at the Fairgrounds in East Brunswick.
Middlesex County Flu Clinic Flu Clinic Schedules from the County.
Middlesex County Recycling

New Jersey

State of New Jersey State of New Jersey home page.
Child Care Centers in New Jersey Directory of licensed Child Care Centers in New Jersey, searchable by county.
PSE&G Payment Assistance Outreach This page from PSE&G lists programs available to assist those who need assistance paying their energy bills. Need Help Paying Your Energy Bills? is their brochure in PDF format.
more New Jersey links

Local News

East Brunswick Sentinel
Home News Tribune
Local Weather
WCTC 1450 AM
WRSU 88.7 FM
NJN New Jersey Public Television

East Brunswick International Community

On any given block in East Brunswick, chances are you can hear a variety of languages spoken by your neighbors. That’s because people from all over the world have found the award-winning township to be a comfortable, nurturing place in which to make a home for their families.

Check the East Brunswick International Community page for information and links to services and organizations that strive to meet the needs of virtually every ethnic group represented in the East Brunswick area. Resources include English as a Second Language classes and tutors, literacy training, immigration assistance, practice US citizenship exam tests, web sites for ethnocentric news and cultural activities, multilingual computing at the library, and so much more.

Quick Facts About East Brunswick

Geography Facts

Latitude 40 degrees 24.273 min North
Longitude 74 degrees 25.516 min West
Elevation varies from 10 -150 ft above sea level and averages 124.521 ft. above sea level.
Miles from the equator - 2,760
Area - 21.5 square miles
East Brunswick lies within the inner coastal plain.
Highest Point - Sand Hills, So. Brunswick 235 ft. (Source - Middlesex County Planning Board 8/92)

Climate Facts

Average Temperature - 52.9 degrees F.
Average rainfall - 45.5 inches


Grains of hardness 50 parts/million. East Brunswick has soft water because it's surface water, not well water.
Fluoride content: 1:00 ppm (parts per million)
The source of East Brunswick's water is the Round Valley-Spruce Run Reservoir System in Hunterdon County. The township purchases the "raw" water under contract from the NJ Water Supply Authority. The reservoir's water is then pumped into the Delaware and Raritan Canal where it mixes with Delaware River water. It then flows to the Middlesex Water Company intake at the north edge of New Brunswick. Water is treated and pumped to East Brunswick under contract with Middlesex Water Company in Edison at their new $40 million state-of-the-art treatment plant. (Source - East Brunswick Water Utility - 02/07/00)

Elected Officials (current)

See East Brunswick Elected Officials

Government Structure

The township is managed under a Mayor-Council form of government. The Mayor is the chief executive of the community who is elected for a four year term at the regular Presidential election in November and serves part-time. While the Mayor does not preside over, nor have a vote on the Council, he or she may vote in case of a tie on the question of filling a Council vacancy. The Mayor also has veto power over ordinances, but his vetoes can be overridden by a vote of two-thirds of the Council. Check the East Brunswick Township web site for additional information about the local government.

Historical Facts

Former Mayors/Chairmen

East Brunswick Township was incorporated in 1860. The head of East Brunswick government was the Chairman of the Township Committee from 1860 -1964. From 1954 on, he was called the mayor, but the office was not directly elected until 1964.

East Brunswick Elections - Mayors (winners in italics)
2008 David Stahl v. Christi Calvano and Donald Klemp
2004 William Neary v. Christi Calvano
2000 William Neary v. Michael J. Opaleski
1996 William Neary v. David Zarnowsky
1992 Ira Oskowsky v. Kitty Martin
1988 Jack Sinagra v. Joe Chagnon & Louis Becker
1984 William Fox v. Joseph Hudak
William Fox v. Bertram Buckler
1976 William Fox. v. Rose Sake
1972 Jean Walling v. Eve Shapiro & Emily Alman
1968 Joseph Mammon v. Alec Borman
1964 Alec Borman V. Ralph Baron
East Brunswick Chairmen
1964 Ralph Baron
1962-1963 Luther J. LaRue
1955-1961 Louis F. May, Jr.
1953-1954 Charles Skistimas
1948-1952 Charles F. Sullivan
1946-1947 George H. Warnsdorfer
1938-1945 John S. Gunia
1935-1937 Richard Massing
1921-1930 Henry Warnsdorfer
1920 William L. Green
1919 Alex Conover
1918 William Hollenback
1909-1917 Charles Stults
1906-1908 Alex S. Conover
1887-1905 John O. Cozzens
1886 Charles H. Manahan
1878-1885 Charles P. Blew
1876-1877 George Gorden
1874-1875 Wilson Housel
1873 Jacob F. Rue
1867-1872 Wilson Housel
1866 Garrett I. Schnediker
1865 Daniel B. Martin
1863-1864 Charles Blew
1860-1862 Leonard Appleby


Population Figures

2013 EST. 48,160
2010 Census 47,512
2000 Census 46,756
1990 Census 43,548
1980 Census 37,711
1970 Census 34,166
1960 Census 19,965
1950 Census 5,699
1940 Census 3,706
1930 Census 2,711
1900 Census 2,423
1860 Census 2,436
[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]


East Brunswick Soldiers Killed in Action

World War II
Adam Albrecht 2/17/1944 Italy
Edward Biernacki 12/1?/1944 Germany
Casper Fetyko 12/1?/1944 Germany
Milton Finklestein 12/1?/1944 Germany
Constantine J. Haranski 2/10/1944 Anzio
Henry W. Jensen 2/10/1944 Anzio
Lawrence C. Kossma 2/10/1944 Anzio
William C. Kossman 2/10/1944 Anzio
Joseph Mihalichko 2/15/1944 French Indochina
Edward Modzelewski, Jr. 10/22/1944 Leyte
Alex Volgyi 6/20/1944 Italy
Alfred Wolff 3/29/1943 Africa
Source: Plaque in East Brunswick Museum
Frederick N. Bonner 12/31/1968 Vietnam
Michael J. Bosko 10/28/1966 Vietnam
Jan Avery Elkins 10/26/1968 Vietnam
Kenneth W. Gonder 5/19/1970 Vietnam
Source: New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Seth Dvorin* 2/5/2004 Iraq
* Seth grew up in East and South Brunswick. He graduated from South Brunswick High School.
Source: Star Ledger 2/5/2005 page 1.
Cpl. Steven R. Koch, 23 March 3, 2008 Afghanistan
Source: Home News Tribune 4-7-08 P1


East Brunswick Victims of September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001

Siew-Nya Ang
Susan Blair
Paul W. Innella
Hweidar Jian Alan
David Kleinberg
Stuart Louis
Suzanne Passaro
Kenneth W. VanAuken