Computer Training at the Library

The library offers basic two-hour computer training classes on a regular monthly schedule. Classes are held in the Computer Training Center (across from the EBPlay Desk). Introductory, or Level I, computer classes are FREE for LMxAC cardholders and non LMxAC cardholders (excluding some specialized classes). All other classes are $10 for LMxAC cardholders and $15 for non LMxAC cardholders. Please review the information below regarding computer training at the library.

Course Offerings

Introductory Computer Courses:

  • PC Literacy (I and II)

  • Email Basics (I and II)

  • Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

Microsoft Office Courses:

  • Intro to Microsoft Office

  • Word (Intro, II, III, IV)

  • Excel (Intro, II, III, IV)

  • PowerPoint (Intro, II, III)

Google Courses:

  • Introduction to Google Apps (Chrome, Drive, Docs)

  • Google Apps II: Visual Content (Slides, Drawings, Images, Photos)

  • Google Apps III: Data (Sheets, Forms)

  • Google Apps IV: Communication (Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar)

Full Course Descriptions & Prerequisites

In addition to the above courses, specialized courses are offered on occasion. The training schedule is published monthly (usually on the 15th of the month for the coming month) to the library calendar. Before registering, please review course descriptions and prerequisites for each class, as well as our recommended training paths to determine where to begin. 


We encourage patrons to register themselves on the library website. Payment should be made online at the time of registration. If issues arise with online payment, cash or check payments can be made at the BRC Desk.

How to Register

  1. After logging in to the EBPL website, navigate to the specific course page from the Events Calendar and click Sign Me Up!

  2. Enter your personal information and click Continue

  3. For a free/no-cost class, click Register to confirm your registration

  4. For a class with a registration fee, click Pay Now & Register to be directed to the EBPL PayPal page

  5. Enter your information to pay with your PayPal account or a Debit or Credit Card and click Pay

You can verify your registration/payment on the My Event Registrations page on your account

For assistance with registration, call 732-390-6767 or visit the Information Services Desk.

Unemployed Patrons

The library offers free computer classes to unemployed patrons. If you are taking computer classes at the library to improve your employment opportunities and are currently unemployed, you can register for many of our classes for free. You will be required to provide proof of unemployment to receive waived registration fees. Note: The forms of proof accepted below must include a date no earlier than the previous month to ensure status is current.

Valid Proof of Unemployment Forms:

Cancelation Policy

Fees for computer class registrations are NOT refundable; please be aware that you are making a commitment to attend a class when you register. Should you not attend, the library would ask that you think of this as a small donation for all the hours that are put into running the classes.

If circumstances dictate that the library must cancel a class, registration fees for enrolled students are refundable.

If You Cannot Attend

If you cannot attend a class for which you have registered, the library would ask that (as a courtesy to other registrants who may be waitlisted for that class) you call 732-390-6767 to cancel your registration or cancel your registration online so that others might have the opportunity to attend.

Waitlisted Registrants

Waitlisted registrants will be notified by email and/or telephone as soon as there is a vacancy in a class. They will have 24 hours to respond to the notification. If they do not respond within that time frame, the next person on the waiting list will be notified. Once a commitment to attend has been made, that registration is subject to the same cancelation policy noted above. Waitlisted registrants do not pay unless there is a cancelation and they are officially admitted to the class.

Please call the Information Desk at 732-390-6767 for more information.

Recommended Computer Training Paths

The classes listed above are typically offered on a monthly basis so you can take one series and become comfortable with that topic before moving on to a more advanced topic in a following month. It is not recommended to sign up for every series in one month, unless you are already very familiar with the programs and using the classes as a "refresher".

  • If you have little or no computer experience, begin your computer classes with PC Literacy I and II (see descriptions to see where you may want to start) followed by Email Basics I and II or Keyboarding & Word Processing Basics I and II
  • Following the PC Literacy and Email Basics courses (or if you already have the skills covered in these courses), you may wish to move forward with the Microsoft Office series, beginning with Microsoft Word
  • Before taking Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel, you should have taken Microsoft Word (or be very comfortable using Microsoft Word and have the experience listed in the prerequisites)
  • If you have experience using the Internet and productivity applications (such as the Microsoft Office suite), you may wish to explore the Google series which covers Google's suite of online applications.

Check the Library Calendar for the most updated schedule of computer training classes.

Need more guidance on where to start? Take our Buzzfeed quiz! Which Computer Class at EBPL is Right For You?

Completion Certificates

The library is working to be able to provide certificates linked to the courses listed on a patron's My Event Registrations page. However, this functionality is not currently up and running. At this time, certificates must be created manually and therefore will only be available to patrons who complete an entire series of a course subject (Ex. PC Literacy I and II; Word I, II, III, and IV). Patrons who have completed a full series can request a certificate using the Contact the Trainers link below. Please include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Course(s) Completed
  • Date(s) of Course(s)

You should be able to access this information on the My Event Registrations page on the EBPL website. The training coordinator will verify your course completion and will contact you when the certificate is ready for pickup. As our training staff is part time, please allow 7-10 days for a request to be fulfilled.

Continuing Your Training

If you would like to continue your training on your own, the library has several textbooks on Office programs, Outlook, and Windows. Click here to access a list of some of the computer training reference materials at EBPL. The library also offers East Brunswick Library Cardholders access to Universal Class, an online database that offers free training courses including Microsoft Office and other computer programs. Click here for instructions on how to sign up for Universal Class.

Questions about Computer Training Classes?

If you have any questions, please Contact the Training Coordinator using the contact form link. Be sure to include your e-mail address on the form in order to receive a response. You can also call the Training Coordinator at 732-390-6689.