EBPL Patrons' Favorite Scary Stories

EBPL Patrons' Favorite Scary Stories

Posted on October 29, 2019 by Paul Kibala

We always like to hear from the East Brunswick community to find out what they're reading.  Below is a list from our patrons of their favorite spooky books and short stories, just in time for Halloween.  

Sarah on The Stand by Stephen King: It was 823 pages of page turning good read about good and evil!

JJ on The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon: A literary book with just a hint of horror. There's a few moments of gore or eeriness (but, boy, are they spine-tingling when they occur!), while the primary concerns of the book are the relationships between the characters and the mystery/suspense of the plot. It's a tightly woven plot that lets out just one secret at a time, thereby keeping the reader hooked to see what happens next. The characters are pretty interesting, with well-rounded back stories and motivations. The different reactions make for a study in grief and vengefulness and how these emotions affect people

Maureen from TAPinto East Brunswick on We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson: Great characters in a mysterious situation, a creepy house, and a curious neighborhood.

Evan on I'm Thinking of Ending Things: One of the comments on the book cover says it best, "You'll be scared, but you won't know why."  Beautifully written, very unsettling, quick read. 

Donald recommends And Then There Were None. 

Ro-han Ramkekiwan on Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: It's a classic. 

Julie Situ on Coraline: Neil Gaiman is the best! 

Dawn on Harry and the Terrible Whatzit: In a scary twist, the monster is scared by Harry. 

Pranaui on Goosebumps: It is very nice and spooky.  It will sure give you a spooky vibe! 

Srikar Srinivasan on I Hunt Killers: This book is about a serial killer and how his son helps the police fight crimes. 

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