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This site is one of the best of the online travel agents. Here you can get everything from flight information and booking, through their Flight Wizard, to worldwide weather reports and travel discussion forums. As with the other online travel agencies, you must establish a user name and password before accessing the reservation system. Use this site to find airline ticket prices, make car and hotel reservations, and packages and cruises. Especially useful is the Fare Tracker, which lets you select a number of flight routes of interest, and will notify you by e-mail when a new low fare becomes available.

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One of the largest and busiest of the on-line travel sites, this site uses the Sabre computer reservation system to access the airline reservation system. It, too, offers one-stop shopping for making on-line secure airline, hotel, and car rental reservations, checking on cruises, vacation packages and more. As with Expedia and other on-line travel agents, you must register first and establish a user profile, complete with user name and password, in order to participate fully in using the site. Best features of this site include : "Best Fare Finder" with e-mail notification, 24 hour hold of tickets without purchase, hotel maps and photos, checking on real-time departure and arrival information of a flight currently in progress, and plane diagrams for booking.

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