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Defensive Driving Applications Available Now!

Defensive Driving Applications Available Now!

Posted September 28, 2010 B By Joanne Mullowney

Monday, October 4th & Tuesday, October 5th. 6:30 P.M. to 10 P.M.

Erase points and save money on insurance! NJ-Approved class taught by experienced police detective/accident investigator.

Come register for the popular Defensive Driving Course, sponsored by the Friends of the Library. The two-day course will be held on Monday, October 4th & Tuesday, October 5th, from 6:30 to 10 p.m. at the East Brunswick Public Library. Registration is required and seating is limited to 30 people. 

Eligible motorists can erase two points from their driver’s license and/or get a five percent discount on a portion of their auto insurance. Participants must attend two consecutive evenings for credit. Course costs vary according to goal: for a 2 point reduction on your license, $65, for an insurance discount, $55.  For both, the cost is $65. Attendance is mandatory and refunds cannot be given for partial attendance. Applications are available at the Circulation desk or online.
Approved by the State of New Jersey, the course is taught by an experienced police detective-accident investigator. No vehicle is needed, as it is conducted in a classroom setting with multimedia aids. For more information call 732-257-2967 or e-mail
Sponsored by Friends of the Library.

Computer Training at the Library

Computer Training at the Library

Posted September 15, 2010 B By Joanne Mullowney

Get the computer training you need at the East Brunswick Public Library, then put your skills to use using the latest and greatest in software. Register today!

Register now for the East Brunswick Public Library’s latest computer class offerings. The Library's public computers now feature the latest and greatest Microsoft software - Windows 7 and Office 2010.  October features training classes in both with the Introduction to Windows 7 and Introduction to the New Office.  These are now both hands-on classes.

Introduction to Windows 7 :

Registrants for this class will take a tour of the Windows 7 operating system and learn about some of its most exciting new features. You will explore the interface and learn about the great new tools available for managing your workspace. You will learn how to get better organized with Libraries, an exciting new Windows 7 feature and discover how to find anything faster with Windows Search.  You will also see how to use the Library Staff favorite - Sticky Notes!  Discover Jump Lists, Pinning, Snap, Aero Shake and more...

Introduction to the New Office:

Registrants for this class will learn about the changes introduced in Office 2007 and refined in 2010. This includes how to navigate, use the Ribbon, the Quick Access Toolbar, the new File tab, more about the file formats introduced with Office 2007 during this course and more as time permits.

Search, Checkout and Download: Downloading Audiobooks and eBooks:

People who like to read on the go might want to check out our class on how to download eBooks and Audiobooks. Learn how to download free books from The Library’s growing collection and other free resources to your Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Droid phone.

Other classes for October cover individual Microsoft Office applications with three classes in Word, two classes in Excel and one class using PowerPoint.  An advanced Internet class will also be offered, the Interactive Web,  where students will explore some of the best of the fabulous and free tools on the Web . This class will introduce you to sites that offer file sharing, image editing, online shopping, social networking, organization aids and more. Learn and enjoy some of the newest and most useful tools that will put you on the cutting edge of technology. All registrants should look at the class offerings carefully to insure that they have the necessary skills for each class.  Classes are two hours long and limited to 12 students per class.

Classes for October include:

Registration is required. There is a $5 fee for cardholders and a $10 fee for non-cardholders. Fees will be added to a cardholder’s account and paid for at the Circulation desk. Non-cardholders must pay at the time of registration. Register at the Library or by visiting and clicking the Calendar.  For more information, please call 732-390-6767.

Request for Quotes: Senior Health Portal

Request for Quotes: Senior Health Portal

Posted September 02, 2010 B By Dianne Hall

The East Brunswick Public Library is applying for grant funds to develop a separate section of the library’s website as a “senior friendly” guide to Internet health resources.


Request for Quotes
Website Design and Development for an East Brunswick Public Library
Senior Health Portal
The East Brunswick Public Library is applying for grant funds to develop a separate section of the library’s website as a “senior friendly” guide to Internet health resources.    Library staff will provide all written content.
·         Create an easy to use, visually appealing site that loads quickly on when viewed using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.   It should also be accessible and legible via mobile smartphone devices  such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and devices with Android operating system. 
·         Provide all graphics used in the website
·         Provide an easy to use, easy to maintain web-based content management system (CMS) that will allow library staff to update without directly accessing the source code.     The CMS cannot be Drupal or Joomla. 
·         Follow guidelines in the National Institute on Aging’s Making Your Website Senior Friendly (, especially these:
o    Include a lot of white space; uncluttered ; clear; short sections
o    Standard page designs so that each page looks the same, including the same set of navigation buttons in the same place on each page.
o    Left justification (** optimal for older adults)
o    Simple navigation:   No drop-down menus or scrolling
o    Single mouse clicks
o    Visible option to change text size and contrast.
o    Arial – Boldface – 14 point type is preferred
o    Large navigation button on the bottom of each screen
·         Provide a speech to text read aloud function similar to the one on this website:
·         Include Google’s site search that is free to nonprofits (
·         Include a site map
·         Include a privacy statement
·         Include contact information and a link to the library’s health request form on every page
·         Include text-relevant photographs to enhance each page. Photographs should reflect the diversity of the community and also should be older people.
·         Redesign “Just for the Health of It” logo into banner design for the header of each page.

Possible Navigation for Health Website
Clinical Trials
Compare Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities
Nursing Homes
Long Term Care
Diseases, Conditions and Treatments
librarian recommended Databases
Doctors and Hospitals
Find a Doctor
Drugs and Supplements
End of Life Issues:
Advanced Directives
Hospice Care
Health Insurance:
Health Insurance Providers
Local Updates
East Brunswick
Middlesex County
Medical Tests
Multiple Languages
Senior Housing
Assisted Living
55+ housing
Staying Healthy:
Hazardous Household Products
Support Networks

·         If the grant funds are awarded, this project will commence in mid October 2010
·         A draft version of the website with all graphics, speech to text functionality, CMS and library provided content must be delivered by January 31, 2011.   
·         The final website with all revisions requested by library staff must be delivered by March 31, 2011.
Request for Quotes
·         Include a description of your proposal that explains how you will meet the website requirements listed above and your ability to meet the required timeline.   
·         Price quote must list all design and development costs, including costs for graphics, CMS, and speech to text functionality.  
·         Quotes must be received by 4 PM on September 13, 2010.