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Learn How to Speak to Your Doctor Wednesday

Learn How to Speak to Your Doctor Wednesday

Posted October 31, 2016

On Wednesday at 7PM, Dr. Ira Merkel, MD will teach you how to be an informed patient and how to speak to your doctor.
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Is present day medicine making you stressed? Do you feel rushed? Walked out of the office more confused than when you went in? Ask yourself, do you have all you need to be prepared and get the most out of your doctor's visit? Dr. Ira Merkel, MD, will offer eye opening revelations and common sense practical information that you NEED to maximize your health care in the changing medical landscape.

Dr. Merkel is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Rutgers Medical School and is a practicing Gastroenterologist in East Brunswick.

Sponsored by the library's "Just for the Health of It" initiative to promote community health and wellness.