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Workshop on Emotional Eating Tonight

Workshop on Emotional Eating Tonight

Posted January 26, 2017

This program is a short educational seminar on Thursday, February 2 at 7PM which will help one gain knowledge into the unhelpful use of food as a method of coping with daily life stressors.
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Emotional eating behaviors can become more prevalent within our society due to increased stress, changes, and loss. Emotional eating is nothing new in our society, we’ve called it eating for comfort, eating because we are stressed. However, with the increase in obesity and over-weight individuals the behavior has become more concerning. This hour seminar is meant to educate you and increase your own self-awareness of some possible emotional eating behaviors, which may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts or your physical and mental health. We will discuss what is emotional eating, possible triggers to the behavior, and how to take further steps to begin implementing change. At the end of this presentation you will have a better understanding of emotional eating behaviors and a direction in regard to what tools you may need to help begin the path to new and healthier behaviors.

Tara Arhakos is a Licensed Professional Counselor through the state of New Jersey and a National Certified Counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors. She has worked at various non-profit agencies and has experience with clients in the adult and adolescent populations, ranging from those experiencing mood or anxiety disorders, relationship or self-esteem issues, post-traumatic stress disorder and other disorders. Her therapeutic philosophy comes from a person-centered theoretical orientation which means that the therapeutic relationship comes from a combination of both a client’s efforts and her own to help them reach their goals.

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