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Last Day to Register to Vote Before the Primary: Register at The Library Today

Last Day to Register to Vote Before the Primary: Register at The Library Today

Posted December 27, 2007

The East Brunswick Public Library is holding a voter registration drive January 8-15. All eligible New Jerseyans who are as yet unregistered are encouraged to visit The Library that week to sign up, especially if they wish to participate in the state’s primary election.

Now that the New Jersey legislature has moved the state’s presidential primary from June to February, the deadline to register to vote in the primary is January 15.

During the week of January 8-15, tables will be set up near the Library entrance to facilitate quick and easy registration.  Once they are registered, voters may choose a party affiliation.  Only those who have specified a party affiliation can vote in that party’s primary.  Newly registered voters, unaffiliated voters, or voters who have never voted in a primary election, can affiliate with the Democratic or Repulican Party on the day of the primary.  The primary elections are slated for February 5. 

The Library will continue to offer voter registration throughout the year, as well, for the general presidential election.

For general election information please go to the NJ Division of Elections, or NJ from the Eagleton Institute of Politics of Rutgers University, or The Library's Politics and Goverment page in our Best of the Web section.

FAQ -- Party Affiliations:

Can I declare my party affiliation at the pols?

You can declare your party affiliation at the polls when you go to vote in your first Primary Election.  After that, you may change your party affiliation 50 days before a primary election.