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The Library’s Director is Awarded New Jersey Librarian of the Year

The Library’s Director is Awarded New Jersey Librarian of the Year

Posted May 06, 2008

Carol Nersinger accepted honor on April 30 at awards reception given by the New Jersey Library Association.

We are proud to announce that Carol Nersinger, Director of the East Brunswick Library, was presented with the prestigious “Librarian of the Year” Award on April 30, 2008 at the New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) Spring Conference.

Her 20-plus year career in library leadership is nothing short of impressive. Carol started her tenure with the East Brunswick Library as the Interim Director, then assuming the role of Director on a permanent basis. Before coming here, she served in a Director capacity for other tri-state libraries, including the Rochester Public Library in Rochester, NY, the New Jersey State Library in Trenton, NJ and the Highlands Regional Library Cooperative in Denville, NJ.

As an outstanding role model and manager, her great strengths lie in being proactive rather than reactive, and she has a great interest in being innovative. Joanne P. Roukens, Executive Director of the Highlands Regional Library Cooperative and past NJLA Librarian of the Year, presented Carol with the award at the NJLA reception.  “She is a visionary who has always worked to implement services and programs that demonstrate the value of libraries, librarians and library staff.” 

In addition to her current day-to-day duties, Carol is currently supervising the Library’s renovations and implementing a new vision that will help to solidify the Library’s position as one of the premiere libraries in New Jersey.