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The East Brunswick Library Will Be Conducting a Telephone Survey to Plan Our Future

Posted January 07, 2008

Give us your honest opinion about the Library – we want to know! How are we doing? What can we do better?

As part of our new strategic plan initiative, The East Brunswick Library has contracted with Zogby International to conduct a telephone survey aimed at random East Brunswick residents. If your household should receive a call, please be rest assured that this is a legitimate survey and your opinion is very important to us and to the future planning of The Library’s programs and services.

If you are called, please consider taking a few minutes from your busy schedule to answer some brief questions from our survey. The results from the telephone survey will be added to the results of the focus groups conducted last fall to guide the Library’s Board of Trustees in planning the goals and objectives of The Library for the next three years.
For more information, please call 732-390-6767 or go to The Library’s website at