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Library migrates to new Integrated Library System

Library migrates to new Integrated Library System

Posted July 29, 2009 B By MaryEllen Firestone

On July 15th The Library went live on a new Integrated Library System (ILS). The new system is an “open source” software system that is used around the world.
The advantage of using an open source system is that every library on the system can purchase enhancements to customize features they would like to offer to their customers and all libraries using the system can take advantage of new features commissioned by other libraries. According to Dianne Hall, Information Technology manager, “The Library needed to migrate away from the Horizon system because the company that developed Horizon was merged into another company and the new company decided to stop development on Horizon and migrate libraries to a system that is not as good as Horizon. Our contract with Horizon expires on July 31 so we have been researching alternative systems for more than six months. We are delighted to be on the cutting edge of a new generation of Integrated Library Systems.

Our new system offers flexibility and the opportunity to offer our customers new features for many years into the future. Most significant for us is that the annual maintenance cost for this system is 50% less than the system we were using.”

Library customers have commented on the fabulous and easy to use results pages on the new ILS. Customers have also alerted staff to some software glitches that have showed up since the “go live” date. We are asking all our customers to please be patient as we work out some of the start-up issues and get the new system fully on line with our very unique and customer oriented features.