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January Computer Training at the Library

January Computer Training at the Library

Posted December 30, 2010 B By Joanne Mullowney

Sign up now for the East Brunswick Public Library’s latest computer class offerings. This month’s courses include two new courses, Excel III and Picture Perfect.
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Register now for the East Brunswick Public Library’s latest computer class offerings. The January schedule offers the opportunity to register for two new courses: Excel III and Picture Perfect.  

Excel III :

Continue advancing your intermediate skills in Excel. Learn how to use the data tab to import data, do more work with formulas, create simple macros for repetitive tasks and explore more of the page layout options. As time permits, students will also explore Excel templates and conditional formatting in Excel 2010.

Prerequisite: Excel II or equivalent Excel experience.  Introduction to the New Microsoft Office class is recommended.

Picture Perfect

Don’t know what to do with the pictures from your digital camera? Explore some of the free online photo editing and management websites that allow you to accomplish many of your photo editing needs fast and, of course, for free. Learn how to remove red-eye, crop, resize, add special effects, share and create online photo books. This session will demonstrate and compare the features available at and Flickr.

Prerequisites:  Internet II or basic Internet navigation experience. By signing up you are certifying that you have the basic skills required to complete this class.

Requirements:  Attendees need to have a web-based email account in order to set up their Shutterfly accounts. They also need to bring some photographs in digital format (on a CD or flash drive) to upload to their new accounts.

Classes for January include:

All courses are offered using the latest Microsoft software - Windows 7 and Office 2010.

Registration is required.  All registrants should look at the class offerings carefully to insure that they have the necessary skills for each class.  Classes are two hours long and limited to 12 students per class. There is a $5 fee for cardholders and a $10 fee for non-cardholders. Fees will be added to a cardholder’s account and paid for at the Circulation desk. Register at the Library, by phone or by going to the event in the website Calendar and clicking on the Sign Me Up link.  Non-cardholders must pay at the time of registration, i.e. registrations must be in person.  For more information, please call 732-390-6767.