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Just 18 Sessions to Begin a Consultant Career

Just 18 Sessions to Begin a Consultant Career

Posted January 10, 2012

Sign up now for the Business Resource Center’s newest offering – 18 Sessions to Beginning a New Career in Consulting: a three level series of programs. Classes begin January 18th.

These classes are designed to not only get you started in a career in business consulting, but also to give individuals the tools they need to streamline and manage their own businesses.

“I would encourage business owners to come because they will learn so much about what could go wrong in their companies or what is actually going on that they could fix now -- that they’re not aware of,” said instructor Neil Goldstein, founder of General Business Inc., a consulting firm for distressed businesses and entities in transition. “Also, people who may want to learn a new profession (can take it). It’s a profession where there is no downtime. You can work as much as you want. Recessions are good for the businesses because the more companies are in trouble, the worse the markets are, the busier you get.” 

Beginning a New Career in Consulting will be held over three sessions, each consisting of six classes. Those who attend will not only learn the intricacies of consulting -- how to speak with prospective clients to find work, how to write a proposal that identifies issues and goals for the client, how to meet those goals, and, most importantly, how to earn money – but business skills needed to keep your company successful. 

“If nothing else they’ll learn about businesses, what causes problems, how to fix them, how to deal with banks…most people don’t know how banking works, or how a loan can be a really big problem for a business, maybe even a person,” said Goldstein. 

Beginner Sessions

The Beginner session begins Wednesday, Jan. 18, and will cover what a consultant does, why they’re needed and how to get a project started before moving on to subjects such as gross profit, cost of goods sold, overhead, net profit, assets, asset based loans and more. 

Intermediate Sessions

Intermediate sessions begin Wednesday, Feb. 15, and will include case studies covering what was learned in the Beginners class, why corporate philosophy is important, how to recognize a good business BEFORE it is purchased, how to consult in a factory environment, how to help a client start a new business using telemarketing, how to survive a catastrophe, and how to help hire an executive staff. 

Advanced Sessions

Advanced sessions will begin on Monday, March 12, and cover more case studies, growth of a business, what to do when a business is about to “go under,” insolvency, bankruptcy, and more.  


Courses will run 7 p.m. to 8:30 the Business Resource Center. Each session cost $125, but you can receive a 20 percent discount when you sign up for all three levels.

To register:

  • Call the BRC at 732-390-6782, or
  • Email Stephanie Frost at

For more information, visit us online at