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Exhibits: Global Colors

Exhibits: Global Colors

Posted June 17, 2013

Enjoy the global colors pf Caribbean-influenced paintings by Glenford John on the walls and Martha Bennett's world doll collection in the display cases. Will run the month of July.

On Exhibit: Paintings by Glenford John

An accomplished artist who works in a variety of mediums, Sayreville artist Glenford John’s vibrant work incorporates his passion for nature and his love for people. With his unique style, Glen catches the essence of the Caribbean lifestyle in which he grew up. Glenford taught art and owned an art gallery in his native island of Dominica, where he was a featured artist in the book, Our Island Culture. His credits include first place honors at NYC’s Fulton Arts Fair, a showing at the Castillo Gallery in NYC and an interview by host Gentle Ben on the GBTV program, Culture Share.

Inspired by John’s work? Check out books in 751.4  for painting basics, 751. 4543 for nature and landscape technique, and figure painting in 757.22 

On Display: World Doll Collection by Martha Bennett

Learn about traditional world costumes and cultures with this colorful collection by East Brunswick resident Martha Bennett. Martha started collecting dolls as a child. Her mother would write to people all over the world and they would send dolls for Martha and her sister. Her mother wanted the girls to respect all cultures and appreciate how the differences among people make the world a more beautiful and interesting place. Martha has expanded the collection through visits to antique shops and her own global travels, supplemented by dolls contributed by family and friends. She even uses the dolls for “doll therapy” at Parker Nursing Home. Martha invites viewers of this exhibit to “enjoy the beauty of all the cultures and seek peace in the world.

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