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Automatic Renewal Service

Automatic Renewal Service

Posted March 19, 2019

East Brunswick Public Library participates in an automatic-renewal service that makes using the library even easier! More Info

Now because of auto-renewal, many of your library items will renew automatically. Items checked out at East Brunswick Public Library will be automatically renewed five times unless another library customer has placed a hold on it. 

Certain items will not automatically renew. They are:

  • DVDs from East Brunswick Public Library
  • Video Games
  • Museum Passes
  • EB Create Lendable Kits
  • iPads
Items checked out at other LMxAC libraries may renew automatically, according to each library’s rules, but some libraries do not offer this service. 

If you are signed up to receive your library notices via email, you will receive an email letting you know when your library items are automatically renewed with the new due date. Otherwise, check your account to manage your renewals or call the Circulation Department at 732-390-6950.