Genealogy Resources

Commercial Portals

Genealogical databases available for a fee.


A few of the top sites that list links of genealogical web sites by topic.

Full Text Resources

Full text resources available on the Web.

Getting Started

A few of the better resources to help "newbies" get started with their research on the web.


Genealogical materials available from US government web sites.

Libraries and Archives

Some of the libraries with major genealogical collections, both nationally and in New Jersey.

Mailing Lists

One of the best ways for expand your searching is to connect with other individuals who are also searching for the same surname, the same geographic region, the same war... Mailing lists will connect you with these other researchers. The resources listed here contain major directories of mailing lists.


Too varied to classify, this section contains some nifty web sites to help you with your research.

New Jersey Resources

From libraries, to family history centers, to historical societies to New Jersey place names, these links pinpoint resources specific to New Jersey research.

Passenger Lists

Aids for finding the ship that your ancestors came over on.

People Finders

Genealogical researchers are always looking to find their long lost Internet cousins, both living and dead. The following links are guides that you can use to help you discover where those lost Internet cousins are hiding.

Place Finders

(To find places on the web, use keywords “gazetteer,” “place names,” or “geographic names” in your search.)

Searching by Location

Geographic searching is a key way to finding records for your ancestors. Here are just a few starting places.

Societies and Groups

Here are a listing of some of the most well known genealogical societies.

Vital Records

Sites that are online directories of vital records for you to order.