Legal Resources

Polling Place Lookup

Type in your home address to find the location of your polling place and which contests are on your ballot.

Federal Legal Resources

Links to federal legal resources.

Law Libraries

Major repositories of legal information nearby in New Jersey.

Lawyer Referral Services

Online directories for finding a lawyer.

Legal Forms on the Web

Web sites that offer legal forms are popular, but beware. A form on the Web for drafting a will may be a terrific form - if you live in Kansas. It might not work so well in other states. Few Web based forms give much information about who drafted them or if they were drafted for use in a particular jurisdiction. The safest forms to recommend are those found on the web site of a government agency. With that caveat, here are some popular sites for legal forms.

Legal Services/ Legal Aid

Links to free legal assistance to low-income people.

New Jersey Legal Resources

A collection of legal resources for New Jersey

Pamphlets for the Lay Person

Quick and easy information for the average person in easy to print pamphlet format.