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<strong>Try the latest ‘Thing’!    
LibraryThing for Libraries makes finding the books you want much easier!</strong>

Try the latest ‘Thing’! LibraryThing for Libraries makes finding the books you want much easier!

Posted October 02, 2007 B By Joanne Mullowney

  • Have you read all the books by your favorite author? Would you like to find books that are similar by other authors?
  • Did you like the book that you just finished reading? Do you want read something similar?
  • Library Thing! Finding books similar to those you have read is now much easier using the new LibraryThing for Libraries service in the library catalog. When you view the search results information for most books in the library catalog, you will see a list of similar books in the left column. Click on any title for more details. You will also see a list of tags that categorize the book. Click on a tag to find books on the same topic or that have similar themes.

    Clicking on a tag launches a tag browser that lists other books that have tag. Once the tag browser opens, you can scroll through the list and click on any title for more information. You can also search the tag browser for other tags.

    Tags are very useful to help find books on some subjects that don’t have a subject heading for that subject. For example, if you are looking for fiction books on adoption, you will find more titles by using the tag browser than by searching the library catalog for the subject adoption-- fiction. If you search the tag browser for the tag ecology, you will get a different list of books than if you search for ecology as a subject or keyword in the library catalog. Tags can also be used to identify books in certain genres such as cyberpunk that are not categorized that way by libraries.

    The list of similar books and the tags are the result of the collective efforts of the 280,000+ members of LibraryThing, a social networking website for people who read books.