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New: Register Online for Library Programs!

New: Register Online for Library Programs!

Posted December 13, 2007 B By Joanne Mullowney

It’s fast, easy, and online. Look at The Library Calendar for programs that interest you. If advance registration is required, there will be a little Sign Me Up link next to the event name. Click on it to begin your sign up process. How’s that for easy?


Events limited to cardholders only will display a login screen requiring entry of your library card and PIN numbers for validation. Fill out this form with your information and click on the Login button. Once your information is authenticated, you will be taken to the Event Registration screen. Fill out the registration form as completely as possible and click on Register. You will now see a confirmation page. If you have included your email address (Please do!) a copy of the confirmation will be emailed to your email account. If you did not, you may print out the confirmation screen. Please note that there is a Logout button on the event confirmation screen. If you have finished signing up for events you should click on that to log yourself out.

To sign up for another event, go back into the calendar, find another event and repeat the process. If you are still logged in, your information will still be retained and the registration screen will be automatically populated with your information.

Non cardholders

Non cardholders may only register online for events that are open to all. (Computer training classes are an exception. However you must register and pay for the class in person.) To register, find an event in the library calendar and click on the Sign Me Up link. If the event is open to all you will bypass the library card validation screen and go right to the Event Registration page. Fill in the requested information as completely as possible, (including your email address please!) and click on the Register button. Sign up for another event or be sure to logout when you are done.

Logout when done

When you have finished signing up for events for yourself you should click on the Logout button on the event confirmation screen to log yourself out. To register another family member you must log in with their library card and PIN numbers.

If you do not log out, you may overwrite your own information. Logging out will maintain the integrity of your account. All library events, with the exception of those for pre Kindergarten children who might not yet have library cards, only allow one registration per event per library card.

Just a little bit about Website Accounts…

When you enter your library card and PIN numbers and register for an event you are creating a Library Website Account. This account will allow you to sign up for library events that require registration quickly and easily. It will also allow you to view a list of the events for which you have registered (My Events) and to edit your personal information or cancel your registration for an event should it become necessary for you to do so.

You may reach your My Events screen from the left purple navigation menu where it says Website Login. When you supply your library card and PIN numbers and they are validated, the My Events screen will display. You may also reach this any time you are logged in for the drop down menu when you are on the Calendar page. It will contain a list of all events for which you are registered and your status in that event. If you signed up and were placed on a waiting list you will see a class is full note in red next to the event. You may also cancel your registration for an event from this page.

Please note that if you sign up for an event that is open to all, not just cardholders, and you do not register using your library card and PIN numbers, you will not see these events listed on your My Events screen.


Please email the library webmaster. The Sign Me Up feature is the newest website improvement and offers convenience and around the clock functionality. Watch for additional enhancements coming soon.


All-in-One Search Scheduled for Maintenance

All-in-One Search Scheduled for Maintenance

Posted December 05, 2007 B By Joanne Mullowney

The All-in-One search will be down from 12 AM to 7 AM one day between December 11th-13th.

Auto Graphics, provider of the All-in-One search that searches multiple library online databases in a single search, will be performing server upgrades from December 11 through 13th. This may mean that you will not be able to use this search feature at some time during this time period.
The All-in-One Search feature is available from the navigation menu under Research Tools.