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Enjoy Complimentary Digital Access To The New York Times

Enjoy Complimentary Digital Access To The New York Times

Posted September 22, 2017

Going to the library? Enjoy complimentary digital Access to The New York at the East Brunswick Public Library.

Visitors to the East Brunswick Public Library  are used to coming to the library to read newspapers from around the world.

East Brunswick Public Library now offers complimentary digital access to The New York Times for their customers inside the library.

“Our print copies of the Times are always being read by our customers,” said Karen Parry, Information Services Manager. “With this new service, you can now read The New York Times digitally on your computer, smart phone or tablet whenever you are at the library.

This digital access to The New York Times includes the full text of articles going back to 1981, a historical archive of stories published between 1851 and 1922, real-market business data covering over 11,000 public and private companies, and interactive research tools including video, photography and even virtual reality.

This service also includes full access to the international, Chinese and Spanish editions of the New York Times.

To sign up for online access to The New York Times through East Brunswick Public Library, click here to create an account.