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Friends Profile: Meet The Co-Presidents

Friends Profile: Meet The Co-Presidents

Posted September 24, 2019

This year, the East Brunswick Friends of the Library will have co-presidents. The idea is to have an experienced hand at the helm while at the same time helping a relatively new member learn the ropes.

We spoke to Anita Varshney and Karen Karnchanapee about their new roles.

“It has been an honor to serve the Friends of the Library and support the jewel of our town, the East Brunswick Public Library,” said Anita. She has been a member of the Friends executive board for 18 years.

“My children and I have volunteered and used the library extensively, and we have appreciated having a great resource in our town. The library serves as more than just a place to get books; it is a community center with many resources. I have enjoyed serving on the board and am looking forward to helping grow the library to new heights.”Karen joined the Friends executive board after retiring. “I have enjoyed getting to know the other members and library staff, as well as being involved in community activities,” she added.

“Ellen Cramer has been president ever since I joined Friends. I’m looking forward to learning from her and Anita, who are much more familiar than I am with all the many aspects of Friends’ activities and functions.”

Karen has a personal connection to the library; her mother, Rose Rosenberg, was a children’s librarian here for 25 years. “My daughter was a frequent visitor, so the library has always been a big part of our lives in East Brunswick,” she said.