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"Navy Crazy: Michael Aaron Rockland discusses his new book

Posted September 06, 2014

Author Michael Aaron Rockland returns to talk about his newest book, "Navy Crazy." Monday, Sept. 22 * 7 p.m.

Meet author Michael Aaron Rockland at the East Brunswick Public Library as he discusses his new book, "Navy Crazy." The book is a memoir of Rockland's time in military service as a young medic working in a locked psychiatric ward with Navy and Marine mental patients in Japan. It was peacetime. With no one to shoot, people in the military began shooting themselves and each other. During his time in the ward, Rockland came close to being murdered twice. I was also partly responsible for the death of a patient which is something I shall always regret. There was also a riotous visit to the ward by Cardinal Spellman of New York. A mixture of tragedy and comedy taking place a decade or so after World War II, when "Made in Japan" was still a joke.