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Check Out Our Pop Up Library At Nielson Plaza

Check Out Our Pop Up Library At Nielson Plaza

Posted February 20, 2020

Taking the bus? We've launched a new digital pop up library at Neilson Plaza, located at 7 Tower Center Boulevard.

The pop up library is powered by a wireless transmitter, allowing visitors to Neilson Plaza to go through a collection of over fifty current best-selling titles downloadable as eBooks to smartphones or tablets. Anyone can access the eBooks without a library card. Information on how to use the service is available at the Neilson Plaza. 



"To make it more convenient, we decided that everyone in the community should be able to access the pop up library, regardless if they have a library card or not," added Kuzma. "We do encourage everyone in East Brunswick to get their library card. The process has been streamlined, and you can even apply for your card online at"

Every morning, commuters take the bus into their jobs in New York City. To help make their ride more pleasant, East Brunswick Public Library has unveiled a new pop up library at the town's Transportation and Commerce Center (551 Old Bridge Turnpike).

Once downloaded, items borrowed from the pop up library can be read anywhere, and they are returned automatically after 14 days. 

The pop up library offerings are in addition to the other digital items that East Brunswick Public Library offers its cardholders. A complete listing of digital offerings can be found online

 "We've heard from many of our commuting customers that finding time to get to the library can be difficult," said Melissa Kuzma, assistant library director. "The new pop up library at the transportation center allows us to provide commuters with eBooks while they wait for their bus."