Friends Profile: Meet The Co-Presidents

This year, the East Brunswick Friends of the Library will have co-presidents. The idea is to have an experienced hand at the helm while at the same time helping a relatively new member learn the ropes. More »

East Brunswick Public Library Customer Survey Results

In late spring, we asked East Brunswick Public Library customers to take a brief survey about their library usage. There were several interesting takeaways that we would like to share with you. More »

Friends Profile: Carol Adelman

If you have ever been to any event run by the Friends of the Library, you have probably seen Carol Adelman. We caught up with her to learn more about her time and involvement with the Friends. More »

East Brunswick Public Library Rolls Out SmartAlec Printing Service

East Brunswick Public Library now offers library customers the SmartALEC wireless printing service. With SmartALEC, customers can print documents at the library using their laptops, smartphones and tablets. More »


Microhistories: History on a Smaller Scale

Microhistories focus on a very specific topic, often depicting intriguing, distinct events or showing how a subject matter relates to larger themes. It is a lens to view historical objects and circumstances in a new, more enlivened context. More »

Defective Detectives

4 Books to Soothe Stress During Holidays

Autumn Reads at EBPL


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