Novelist Select

Reading Recommendations at Your Fingertips!

Have you read all the books by your favorite author? Would you like to find books that are similar by other authorsDid you like the book that you just finished readingDo you want to read something similar? Would you like to share what you thought about it with others?


Finding books similar to those you have read is now much easier using our new NoveList Select service in the library catalog. It adds recommendations from librarians and other experts, as well as fellow readers, for over 5 million titles at the bottom of the modal window of each catalog search link. Follow the instructions below to see how easy this is to use.

Search for your title

  • Search for an item in the Library Catalog.
  • Click on the title in the results list for which you would like more information.
  • On the new modal window, scroll down after the book information to  access the NoveList Select feature.


You Might Also Like These...

We know that good books leave readers wanting more. NoveList Select makes it easy to find “more like that” - whether it is more like that series, more like that title, or more like that author. The recommendations are created by experts at NoveList who understand books and readers.

  • When you view the search results information for most books in the library catalog, you can see a list of books at the bottom of the page under the heading, You Might Also Like These...

  • These recommendations are listed by SeriesTitles or Authors (click the Down Arrow to open or collapse the suggestions that are displayed.
  • Clicking on any title will take you to that entry in the catalog. To find out why that title is in the list click on any term under Why This Title Appeals to Readers? A new modal window  will explain what the titles have in common - the same subjects, the same genre...


Books in This Series

How many times have you gone to read a book and discovered that it is not the first book in the series? Reading order can be essential. But it is not always easy to find series information. NoveList Select display all of the titles in each series, in reading order on the first section of the Novelist Content. Click on an entry to go to the catalog entry for that title.


Reader Ratings and Reviews

NoveList uses the reader reviews from Goodreads, a site for readers and book recommendations with over 13 million members, to provide even more recommendations in addtion to those provided by NoveList's experts.

Each title will have a Reader Reviews and RatingsIf reviews for that title already exists, there will also be a link to Read Review on Goodreads or click on the number of the reviews (in parentheses) at the right.


A Reviews window like the one below will open.   Scroll down to read the reviews. Click on the X in the top right corner to close the window.


Reading Level Information

If you are interested in finding books that match a certain reading level, then you’ll like this feature. NoveList Select displays Lexile reading levels for juvenile titles. This helps younger readers find just the right book.


Write a Review

To add a review, you must belong to Goodreads.  Click on the Write a review link to log in to your Goodreads account or sign up for a new one. This account has no connection with your East Brunswick library card account.