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Welcome to Book Talk, the online book discussion of the East Brunswick Public Library. Currently, only patrons of the East Brunswick Public Library will be able to participate in the online discussion. When adding a comment you will be required to enter your library barcode and your pin number. If this is the first time you have participated in an online discussion, please click on the Discussion Guidelines link to learn how to respond to the discussion questions and add comments to our site.

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The Rest of Her Life

January 14, 2009

In one heartbreaking moment, tragedy strikes and the life of high school senior, Kara Churchill changes forever. While Kara is driving she becomes distracted by a stray dog she picked up and hits and kills another teen, Bethany Cleese. The story focuses on the aftermath of the tragedy. Told from the persceptive of Kara's mother, Leigh Churchill, who trys to help Kara navigate through the consequences of the tragedy, but an already strained mother-daughter relationship reaches the breaking point and divides the family. Not only is the Churchill family going through a crisis, the entire community is polarized by the tragedy and Leigh struggles to defend her daughter against the community's increasing outrage.

The Rest of Her Life

The Rest of Her Life is author, Laura Moriarty's second novel.  Her first novel, The Center of Everything also explored a difficult mother-daughter relationship but from the child's perspective. Laura's third novel, "While I'm Falling" is scheduled to be published in August 2009.  For more information on this author go to www.lauramoriarty.net/.

First chapter of "The Rest of Her Life"

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Discussion Question 1

 At the beginning of the novel, Leigh believes she likes living in a small town like Danby because she likes the sense of community it offers.  How does Leigh’s relationship to the town change over the summer?

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Discussion Question 2

In the course of the novel, the relationship between Leigh and Kara changes. What do you think of as the major turning point in their relationship? What do you think was at the heart of the conflict?

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