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Welcome to Book Talk, the online book discussion of the East Brunswick Public Library. Currently, only patrons of the East Brunswick Public Library will be able to participate in the online discussion. When adding a comment you will be required to enter your library barcode and your pin number. If this is the first time you have participated in an online discussion, please click on the Discussion Guidelines link to learn how to respond to the discussion questions and add comments to our site.

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1 comment - Last on 03/08/2009

March -- Firefly Lane

March 01, 2009 By Kristin Hannah

The author of this month's book selection, Firefly Lane, is Kristin Hannah. While Firefly Lane is not autobiographical, she refers to the writing of the book as a personal journey. The characters, Kate and Tully, share some similarities with the author. Like both Kate and Tully, Hannah grew up in the state of Washington in the 1970's, attended the University of Washington where she majored in communications and went on to law school. In her third year of law school her mother told her that she thought her real calling was to write. Hannah and her mother began work on a novel together, but when Hannah's mother died of breast cancer soon thereafter she put her novel aside. She completed law school and began practicing law. When pshe became pregnant with her first son, Hannah was put on bedrest. She unearthed her research and embarked on a writing career. To date, she has written 16 novels, her most recent being True Colors.

March -- Firefly Lane

From the author:

"If you haven't already read Firefly Lane, I hope you'll give it a try. It's a big, juicy, emotionally complex novel about two women who have been friends for thirty years. It's the kind of book I love to read, with larger than life characters making difficult,
wrenching decisions. Kate and Tully meet as girls in the glittering, disco seventies and make a pact to be best friends forever. It is a vow that holds true, creating a friendship that becomes the bulkhead of their lives until one fateful day when a shocking betrayal rips them apart. It's a story that reaffirms the importance of friendship in our lives and reminds us all to slow down a little, to appreciate the people who have made us who we are, and to stay close to the people we love."

Excerpt from Firefly Lane

Kristin Hannah's Website

Amazon.com Interview with Kristin Hannah  (Upon accessing the webpage, scroll down to Editorial Reviews to see "A Conversation with Kristin Hannah".)

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation (IBC)

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Discussion Question #1: From her earliest memory, Tully feels abandoned by her mother and father. How does this sense of being unwanted influence her life? How does her troubled relationship with her mother lead to the decisions she makes in her life?

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I think being abandoned and feeling unwanted by her parents kind of sets up Tully for the rest of her life as feeling unwanted.  She always feels like she has to prove herself to people in order to be liked rather than just being liked for who she is.  As far as the decisions she makes in her life she seemed to subconciously choose her career over close relationships with other people.  I don't think she knew what loving someone really meant.  For her, it was more about making someone else love her.   


DIscussion Question #2: Kristin Hannah admits to being more like Kate than Tully (see below). Which character did you must identify with? Who was your favorite or least favorite charcter?

"While I would love to say that there's a little bit of Tully in me, I'm definitely more like Kate. I identified with her from the very beginning. Like me, she was a small-town girl who had to get up in the predawn hours to go feed her horses, who read "The Lord of the Rings" during every family camping trip, and who felt lost amid the masses at the sprawling University of Washington. All of that was me, to a greater extent; thus the problem in this book was for me to distance myself from Kate, to see her with some perspective."

--Kristin Hannah's response upon being asked the question, "Are you Kate or Tully?"


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Discussion Question #3: At which moment in the novel did you first notice a hint of tension between Tully and Kate? Who do you feel was to blame for this turning point?

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Discussion Question #4: The Kate-Johnny-Tully triangle is one of the fundamental relationships of the novel. Kate believes she is Johnny's second choice for love. How do Johnny and Tully each contribute to Kate's insecurities?

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Discussion Question #5: Under what circumstances do you feel a betrayal is unforgiveable? Do you feel that any of these characters crossed that line?

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Discussion Question #6: Music plays an important role in this novel. What musical memories do you have of your teen years, your twenties, and today?

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