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I've Finished My First Draft

I've Finished My First Draft, Now What?
Local authors share tips and information on getting published in today's market, organized by the New Jersey Authors' Network.

04/23/2012 | 07:00PM - 08:30PM

Meeting Room 3


Author Appearances, How To

So you've finished writing your book/story, or have you? What (if any) revision work needs doing? Where can you go for feedback? How will you know when it's ready to send out, and where should you try first? Join New Jersey Authors, Jon Gibbs (moderator), Uta Burke, Gary Frank, Helen Henderson and Bill Mingin, for a fun, informative discussion on getting published in today's market, and find out why typing 'THE END' is really just the beginning.

Sponsored by the New Jersey Authors' Network (

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