NJ Inventions: Radio

NJ Inventions: Radio

Inventions of New Jersey: A glimpse of early radio development with the NJ Antique Radio Club. FREE.

02/21/2013 | 07:00PM

Meeting Room 3


Does the image of a classic old radio bring a sense of nostalgia for a simpler time? Is there a certain romance in the scratchy sound of a vintage radio broadcast? Come hear Ray Chase and Harry Klancer of the NJ Antique Radio Club talk about how the local area was at the heart of early radio development. They will illustrate the talk with displays of antique radios and with vintage sound clips, including the "War of the Worlds" broadcast, WWII announcements and popular music of a bygone era. Bring your curiosity and prepare to be both enlightened and entertained.

If you enjoy vintage radio programs, ListenNJ offers a series called “Radio Classics.

Sponsored by The East Brunswick Historical Society and The Library

NJ Inventions: Radio