Meditation Workshop

Relax Your Mind and Body Through Meditation

05/09/2019 | 07:00PM - 08:30PM

Meeting Room 1

Adults, Teen (Grades 8 - 12)

Being relaxed can help ease stress and tension. It can also relieve anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. With true relaxation you can tap into the peace and calmness by quieting the mind. Your body in turn also reacts when you start to relax. This can have a profound positive effect on your over all well being . Join Ravinder Saggar, long time meditator for this informative workshop. There will even be a short meditation sitting.

Ravinder Saggar is a Software Engineer by profession and has been consulting as well working full time with many establish companies in India and US including AT&T, Oracle, and IDT. He has been practicing Meditation for over 35 years and strongly believes that meditation and technology both play an integral part in making our inner and outer lives better and better.

Meditation Workshop