Teen & Adult Improv Workshop

Teen & Adult Intro to Improvisation Workshop

06/26/2019 | 07:00PM - 08:30PM

Meeting Room 3

Young Professionals, Teen (Grades 8 - 12)

Improvisation is easy. We all do it, all day, everyday. In this “Introduction to Improv” workshop, you will learn to tap into your spontaneity, creativity, and playfulness in a fun and relaxed setting. Improv is great for creatives types, like performers looking to try new techniques or writers trying to get past blocks. But is also great for people in all walks of life, because remembering how to be playful makes life a little more care-free, a little less anxious, and lot more fun.

Ages 13-17: Limited tickets at the door.
Ages 18 and older: Registration REQUIRED.

Tim Norek, a Sayreville, NJ native, has been improvising for nearly 20 years, having started way back in high school. He is a co-founder of Death By Improv, in which he directs, performs, and teaches improv. He has performed at a number of improv festivals up and down the east coast. For many years, Tim has also taught theater and improv as part of the Middlesex County Middle School of the Arts program.
Michelle DeLuca, of Edison, NJ, has been studying and performing with DBI for about a decade. With DBI she has performed at the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, the Philly Improv Festival, the Gainesville Improv Festival, and more.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Library


Teen & Adult Improv Workshop